Ehrt Lab & Schnappinger Lab

Tri-I TB Research Group


The Upper East Side of New York City is a unique place for tuberculosis research due to the density of collaborators in just a few blocks. Our labs have developed close relationships over many years, and enjoy the ability to share resources and ideas with ease.

The Ehrt and Schnappinger labs meet weekly, and also meet weekly as part of the “NERRDS” group:

N: Carl F. Nathan, Weill Cornell Medicine Lab Website

E: Sabine Ehrt, Weill Cornell Medicine

R: Kyu Rhee, Weill Cornell Medicine

R: Jeremy Rock, Rockefeller University

D: Kathryn Dupnik/Dan Fitzgerald/the Center for Global Health team, Weill Cornell Medicine & GHESKIO

S: Dirk Schnappinger, Weill Cornell Medicine

We also collaborate closely with Mike Glickman’s team at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Being located in NYC also gives us the ability to easily visit many collaborators in the Northeast and elsewhere. This includes, but is not limited to, our Functionalizing Lists of Unknown TB Entities (FLUTE) partners:

Eric Rubin

Sarah Fortune

Chris Sassetti

Thomas Ioerger